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Tin is one of the most versatile metals, found in everything from cans, zips, and jewellery to electronics and automobile parts.

The Latin name for tin is 'Stannum', from which its chemical symbol 'Sn' is derived. Tin artefacts have been found in an Egyptian tomb (c1580-1350 BC) and tin was traded around the Mediterranean. Tin has been in used and has played an important role throughout human history. Mining of tin first started when it was needed to incorporate with copper to create bronze at the beginning of the Bronze Age (c3300-1200 BC). Tin was used in bronze implements because it provides an important hardening effect in copper. The usage of tin grew rapidly as the understanding of its potential for making everything from tools, to weapons, and even jewellery.

With the development of manufacturing skills tin became more in demand for thousands of essential and innovative uses. From solder to tinplate, pewter to electroplating, tin has become an indispensable ingredient in modern life. Tin is a vital element in a wide range of manufacturing sectors, including consumer goods, plastic, packaging, construction, vehicles and other forms of transport. Today, tin plays a very important role in the world economy and contributes to an ever increasing number of products and processes.
Delco is Myanmar's largest privately owned producers of tin. With the development of extraction and manufacturing processes we are expecting our production capacity to more than triple by 2016. This will take our annual output of tin-tungsten mixed ores from 300 tonnes to 1200 tonnes. We are also working to explore opportunities for mining to be extended in new areas.
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