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In mining industry workplace safety is of extreme importance. At Delco, safety is more than a priority it is considered as our greatest responsibility. We constantly strive to create a company that is a special place to work and where a 'Safety First ' attitude permeates our culture. Our ultimate goal would be to carry out our operations, without any injuries or fatalities.

To achieve this goal we have installed an effective health and safety system that provide the foundation for a safe work environment. In 2008, we began a progressive journey toward embedding safety in to every action of every employee everyday. Every employee commits to safety vision, and employees at all levels are held responsible for safe behaviour and practices at work and away.
“We aim to prevent accidents by creating a culture of shared vigilance across the company about every aspect of workplace safety.”
We do this by raising awareness of safety issues among our employees and contractors, sharing best practice, monitoring potential risks and ensuring that appropriate action is always taken whenever risks are identified. Our success depends on our ability to help establish healthy communities and safe environments for our workers.
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